Chiropractor in Hamilton donates his weight in food to help Hamilton Food Bank

Dr Lombardi Worth His Weight in Food (Glanbrook Gazette July 1, 2011)

It was a friendly bet with his teammates- if the Hamilton Back Clinic’s dodge ball team could win the Extreme Dodge Ball Hamilton Amateur League’s championship game on Thursday, June 2, Dr. Anthony Lombardi would donate his weight in food to the Glanbrook Food Bank.

“A lot of people don’t know the Glanbrook Food Bank is there,” said Lombardi, adding that he hadn’t known it was there until last year; it is located in Christ Church Woodburn Anglican.

“I thought this was a good way to promote the food bank in the community, as well as healthy eating and exercise,” said Lombardi.

“We were ahead 6-2 at half time, but we lost in overtime.  I decided not to let that dampen it, and went ahead with the donation,” said Lombardi.

“When I was asked to come and accept Dr. Lombardi’s offer of his weight in food to the Glanbrook Food Bank, I had to chuckle, as when I am asked to speak to groups, I ask the question, ‘Could you donate your weight in food to the food bank each year?’,” said Vivian Kinnear, manager of the Glanbrook Food Bank.

“I demonstrate with a 2-kilogram bag of sugar, because it’s something we always need at the food bank and because the math is fairly simple.  If you weigh 160 pounds, and a 2-kilogram bag of sugar is about 4 pounds, then you would need to donate 40 bags of sugar a year, or about three per month.  Then I ask the question, ‘Is that too much?’  Today, Dr. Lombardi answered the question with the answer of no, it isn’t.”

Items always needed at the Glanbrook Food Bank include sugar, crackers, jam, tea, coffee, and condiments, such as ketchup and salad dressing.

“Our greatest need is usually in the summer,” said Kinnear, who noted that food drives around Thanksgiving and Christmas generally carry the food bank through to the summer.

“I always try to remind people that hunger doesn’t take a vacation,” said Kinnear, adding, “My thanks go to everyone who donates to various food drives through the year; Glanbrook is a very generous community.”

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