COURSE: Advanced Needling of Motor Points, Nerve Trunks, & Joint Capsules by Dr. Lombardi Workshops

Offered this SPRING 2012: FULL WEEKEND course March 31-April 1, 2012: includes how to access 70 motors points, advanced needling of peripheral nerve trunks, facet joints, and cutaneous nerves. Manual myofascial work using jade tools will also be covered and practiced. COST: $897.00. Prerequisite is you must have completed at least 300 hours of acupuncture training. You must apply for acceptance into this course by emailing your CV to as soon as possible. This is workshop is limited to 6 registrants. You will have the luxury of treating and working on actual live patient cases using approaches that will fit the conventional 15-20 patient appointment slots so you can maximize patient benefit and achieve exceptional clinical results.

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