McMaster Contemporary Medical Acupuncture Senior Instructor Dr. Lombardi shares clinical cases

 I whole-heartedly encourage you to take the McMaster Contemporary Medical Acupuncture Course because it will revolutionized the way you practice. You will have the golden opportunity of learning from Dr. Elorriaga, Dr. Prebeg, Dr. Mylonas, Dr. Bagnulo, myself, and many other world class practitioners. Now, I am not encouraging you to take the course so that I or McMaster get richer. I assure you (unfortunately lol) my compensation has no relevance to how many people take the course. This is the same course that was recruited by the United States Navy to travel to San Diego, California to teach their doctors the medical acupuncture program. I was fortunate enough to be selected as one of the 7 instructors invited to spend 2 weeks in San Diego on a Navy base. When I think about it, it blows my mind that the biggest superpower in the world – the United States, looks beyond themselves and recruits a program out of Hamilton, ON Canada to teach them how to better manage their musculoskeletal injuries. In a culture where the “biggest and best” of everything come from the U.S.A, its quite the compliment to the McMaster program and Dr. Elorriaga that they would look beyond their homegrown programs to enlist and admit that a foreign program is the chosen one to make them better.
 I would like you to really think about where you are going and I’d like you to think about what you wish to accomplish in your careers. You have access to unique opportunities not available in any schools anywhere else on earth. I’m sharing this with you because I want to help and I want all of you to realize the magnitude of the opportunity you have to grow at this stage in your careers.

 Take a step back and look around and take the help from those in the game today. Below is a video from 2008 or so. The footage was shot w a home video so it not professional but its a great example of treating a body builder by needling the brachial plexus etc.
 Enjoy. And think about what I’ve said, for you.

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